Centerline’s team of highly-talented techs represent your company in a professional manner with a positive attitude, while keeping your best interests in mind. In addition, we’ve worked with thousands of properties and understand what is important, both to them and to you. Centerline works hard to make sure both parties can look back on the deal with satisfaction. Our goal is to be invited back to each property because of our professionalism and a job well done.

How You Benefit

  • Reduced costs, scheduling time, and disruptions when you partner with Centerline to design the path of least resistance to equipment locations.

  • More efficient use of on-site time thanks to cross-trained technicians who are prepared for as many situations as possible and a 24/7 back office support team.

  • Reliable forecasting and rapid speed to market made possible by Centerline’s experience clearing rights of entry with property owners quickly and efficiently.


    • Design and installation
    • MDF and IDF closet build out
    • Rack and stack equipment
    • Commissioning & Benchmarking
    • Fiber Backbone
    • Cable Management
    • Project Management
    • cloud-based administration
    • Site Survey and Job Costing
    • A&E Design
    • Site Acquisition / Permitting
    • Lightning Arrestors
    • Underground make-ready construction
    • Fiber, Copper, COAX, HFC Pull, Splice & Test
    • Antenna, mounts and grounding
    • Electrical Services
    • POE Applications
    • Rack & Stack
    • Equipment Install
    • Testing and Documentation
    • Commissioning
    • Benchmarking and CW Testing
    • Maintenance and troubleshooting