Centerline technicians understand the general maintenance needs of commercial, retail, healthcare, and telecom sites. We help keep your facilities running smoothly, and looking great. When issues invariably arise, it can be frustrating for facility managers who find themselves distracted from their core competencies. With a Maintenance Agreement from Centerline, these routine and/or remediation tasks can easily be outsourced, so that site managers can remain attentive to the needs of the business.

How You Benefit

  • Fast, responsive maintenance from qualified service personnel when you need it most.

  • Proactive service, inspections and repairs to prevent problems before they happen.

  • A high-quality professional image that encourages customer trust, sustained by regular site upkeep and support.


    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Backup Power Install
    • Service and Repair
    • Site Maintenance
    • Landscaping
    • Snow Removal
    • Emergency & Disaster Response
    • Handyman Services
    • Fire Suppression
    • Wireless Network and A/V Services
    • Waste Management/Janitorial Services
    • Raised Flooring
    • Painting