• Joshua Delman

    Founder - President/CEO

  • Andrew Thompson

    Executive Vice President - Program Management

  • Bert Stern

    Executive Vice President - Infrastructure Development

  • Sean Carr

    Executive Vice President - Technical Services

  • Don MacKenzie

    Chief Financial Officer



Safety is more than our first priority. It’s a fully-integrated part of everything we do.

Centerline crews take great pride in going above and beyond national requirements and industry best practices, holding themselves accountable to the highest safety standards.  We instill a safety-focused mindset in all our technicians.  Before they go into the field, and everyday they are on the job safety is of paramount importance.

In addition to internal resources, our commitment to safety is maintained by participation in the NATE STAR Initiative, a third-party audit platform. Other safety initiatives include:

  • Comtrain climbing safety, fall protection, rescue, rigging and technology training
  • Centerline University an internal training initiative designed to boost the education, skill sets and expertise of our technicians. Training modules include mandatory industry standards (OSHA 10 and 30, CPR, and First Aid) plus additional best practices that exceed compliance with government regulations.
  • An Active Safety Committee comprising ten volunteer crew members who are committed to safety awareness and accountability throughout the organization.  Committee members are also responsive to employee feedback, providing advocacy and ongoing guidance.
  • On-Site Training Facility in Raynham, MA, where certified instructors conduct key core competency evaluations.
  • Continuing Education for All Staff: ongoing review, auditing, and implementation of the latest safety protocols and best-practice methodologies.