Leveraging the ubiquitous power of a Cloud-Managed platform, companies are able to deliver secure, high-performance WiFi that is deeply intelligent and immensely scalable. We offer solutions that apply artificial intelligence to the wireless network at a level that is only possible by harnessing the limitless computing power and storage capacity of the cloud. The result is a brilliant, virtually self-driving network that enables businesses to achieve a stellar user experience with unsurpassed data protection, while reducing IT costs and minimizing network troubleshooting and downtime.

How You Benefit

  • Enterprise-class WiFi features: API-driven cloud architecture with the reliability, accessibility, security, ease of use and scalability needed to support every WiFi workflow for businesses of all sizes.

  • Multiple Management Options:   Centerline offers customized, turn-key solutions for our clients, offering both self-administration and a fully managed offering based  in-house at our 24×7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC).

  • It’s all about the User Experience (UX):  The look, feel and ease-of use are what ultimately drive the positive perception and subsequent success of a product. All elements combine to create a unified end-to-end solution that gives all stakeholders not only a great first impression, but also a lasting one.

  • A single convenient point of contact for all service tickets  as part of a solution managed by Centerline’s National Operations Center (NOC), with rapid response times and high-performance execution of remote-support or dispatched services.


    • As-a-Service Delivery Model
    • Infinitely scalable
    • Guest Access
    • Social Media Integration
    • Acquisition & Retention
    • Location-Based Services (BLE)
    • Monetization Strategy
    • Subscription Licensing
    • PCI Reporting/Compliance
    • 24 x 7 NOC Monitoring & Response
    • Single-Sign-On Integration
    • Network Analytics
    • Application Analytics