Headquartered in Raynham, MA (20 miles south of Boston), Centerline also operates field offices in New York City; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Syracuse, NY.


  • Joshua Delman


  • Gerard LaMontagne

    Chief Financial Officer/CPA

  • Ben Delman

    Vice President, General Construction

  • John Markus Pinard

    Vice President, Operations

  • Andrew Thompson

    Vice President, Program Management

  • Bert Stern

    Director, Site Development



At Centerline Communications, employee safety is paramount because employees are its greatest asset. Investing in a comprehensive safety program translates into improved efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, in addition to keeping staff from harm. Centerline offers extensive safety and injury prevention programs that cover topics including OSHA 10, OSHA 30 and more.

Centerline is a proud member of NATE (National Association of Tower Erectors) and utilizes NATE safety guidelines as the platform for its internal safety program. This partnership with NATE ensures Centerline’s customers that the highest standards of safety and personal protection in the industry are in place and enforced.